How to Fix High Ping in Online Multiplayer Games

Reduce High Ping

There are many other factors besides internet connection which will affect your ping, and I’ll assist you to take care of these factors first:

Connect via ethernet cable

Ethernet cable connection is preferred for online gaming. Because WiFi connection is vulnerable to many real-world interferences, like nearby electronic devices, walls and even distance from the router.

Directly connecting via coax eliminates all types of interferences and ensures you get the only available speed.

You can use the coaxial cable that comes with the router, however, if you somehow lost it, you’ll still buy a replacement one for fewer than $5. make sure you purchase a top quality cable like Monoprice coaxial cable that’s sturdy and rated at 600MHz speed.

Also, you can disable the WiFi in your router and connect via Ethernet. each router has a different interface, but generally you should  access the router settings and look for Disable WiFi option under WiFi options/settings.

Connect to the right server

Basically, the space between your location and therefore the server decides the delay. The further you’re located from the sport server, the upper ping you’ll have. to repair this, you would like to seek out a server that’s closest to your current location and make an account there. Thankfully, game servers are usually named by their geographic location, so it’s easy to seek out the closest one.

You can also contact the game’s player support team to urge help with migrating your account. In my case, most of my ping improvement happen after I switched to a server during a country closer to mine.

Use a gaming VPN

my recommendation would be VyprVPN, as it offers a free trial to confirm whether it will work for you or not, which makes it a safe choice.

Use PingEnhancer

A great tool for Windows users. PingEnhancer makes a couple adjustments in Windows registry to extend the frequency of TCP package that enhances ping a touch .

Fix high ping

if you are facing high ping or occasional lag spikes, then there’s  a problem with your network or PC configurations. Below are some fixes:

Perform a clean boot

doing a clean boot disables all third-party startup apps and services that could be messing with your ping. refer to this Microsoft support article to learn how to clean boot Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Make sure PC and router are not overheating

An overheating PC or router can lead to lag spikes. Here is what you need to do:

Overheating router

If the router is continuously turned on, then it can heat up. try to turn it off for 5-15 mins then turn it back on. If it does heat up quickly, then it must be a hardware problem. Either get the router checked or replaced.

Keep your the drivers up-to-date

Hardware drivers play a crucial role in PC gaming, especially the graphics and network adaptor drivers.

 you would like to form sure all of your PC drivers are up-to-date.

Although you’ll manually do that , I’ll recommend you to use a third-party driver update software like IObit Driver Booster. This tool will automatically look for faulty or old drivers and replace them with updated ones.

Contact your ISP

There is also an opportunity it might be a problem at your internet service provider‘s end. Call your ISP and ask them if there’s a problem at their end, or even they might help with the problem.

This step is particularly helpful if you’re receiving slower internet speed (check internet speed) than usual. You may also ask your ISP to send an agent to see your PC configuration and network configuration to seek out the matter .

Reset router

Most routers have a push button at the rear or bottom. It should be inside a hole, so you’ll need to use a paperclip or an identical object to push it. Press and hold the button till the router restarts and resets.

Remember to configure password and security settings again after the reset.

Reset Windows PC

I will recommend you to revive your PC back to a time when there was no problem with the ping. it’s safer, and won’t put all of your data in danger . Although an entire reset could also be required if the restore didn’t work. Here you can find how to restore and reset a Windows PC.

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