How to Fix Lag in Battlefield Hardline – Increase FPS, Reduce Stutter

A Performance Guide for Battlefield Hardline FPS Boost, lag and stutter fix

If you are having Battlefield Hardline performance issues, lag issues or low FPS, so have many users. Let’s make our gaming experience better.

CPU Settings

There are a few things you Should try first : 

Close up other programs (especially resource intensive programs like web browsers).

Give Game High priority via task manager.

  1. Run Battlefield Hardline.Open Task Manager [CTRL+SHIFT+ESC].
  2. Switch it to the More details view by clicking “More details” button in the bottom right corner.
  3. Switch to the “Details” tab.
  4. Right click “Battlefield Hardline.exe” on the list then “Set priority” then “High”.

Game Shortcut Optimizations

create a shortcut of the Battlefield Hardline’s .exe file on your desktop.

1. Right click on it and press properties and the Compatibility tab.

2. check override high DPI scaling Behavior.

 3. check Disable fullscreen optimizations.

4. Finally, check Run this program as an administrator.

Update Your video card drivers

  1. Press Windows + R.
  2. Type “DxDiag” and click OK.
  3. Once the DirectX Diagnostic Tool finishes loading, select the Display tab.The video card’s name and manufacturer will be listed in the Device section.
  4.  The current driver version will be listed in the Driver section.
  5. Visit the website of the driver manufacturer to get the most up-to-date driver.

AMD Drivers

Nvidia Drivers

Intel Drivers

Issues fixed

Freezing and stuttering in Windows 10

Disable Game mode :

  1. Open the Settings menu by clicking the cogwheel icon in the start menu.
  2. Click on game settings
  3. Select the Gaming section of the settings menu.
  4. Navigate to the Game Mode section in the side bar.
  5. Click to toggle Game Mode on or off. 

For Increasing FPS, fixing lag and stutter on all PCs

Install this custom made config file by me to fix all your performance issues such as lag, stutter, and low FPS.

What low end PCs Config file do ?

Set game graphics lower than what is available in-game.

How to install ?

Download the config, copy it to config file location, replace existing files if needed, enjoy! and if you get confused just follow the video tutorial above.

( How To Download )

Download Config Files Here
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