Must Have Gaming Tools For PC

When you’re done installing your favorite games, there are essential PC software and tools out there that you simply should be exploring to reinforce your gaming experience. By keeping numerous essential functions at your fingertips, you’ll have a rewarding and easier experience with several functions and utilities. Maybe you would like to speak together with your teammates seamlessly or want to trace your gameplay techniques, there are many tools to assist you out. We’ve listed down a couple of of the foremost important ones that you simply should install on your gaming PC or laptop.


If you’re a daily multiplayer gamer, we’d find it difficult to believe that you simply haven’t heard of Discord. Communication is significant in multiplayer games and if your voice chat software has latency issues or limited features, then you’d possibly not enjoy a favourable online gaming experience. Discord has now become really popular among gamers because all the specified features are completely free including the functionality to form your own free servers.

OBS Studio

There are many desktop recording software out there which will do the work . However, OBS Studio are some things we might recommend, OBS Studio supports most the streaming platforms by default. instead of recording your gameplay then uploading to YouTube, why not simply live stream your gameplay?

Open Hardware Monitor

When your system is running graphics intensive games, it’s sure to heat up your components. Over time, your components tend to clog with dust round the fins and fans. This results in higher temperatures which can affect your component’s life over time. If it rises an excessive amount of , then your system could even reboot on touching the thermal limits. Hence, it’s always best to possess a tool to watch the thermals of your components. Open Hardware Monitor lists down most the thermal diodes present on your system including the components. If your graphics card or CPU is running hotter than usual, maybe it’s time to wash them up.

Nexus Mod Manager

In single player games, you’ll be a completionist by playing the most story mission along side every single side-quest to churn out all you’ll from the sport . If you would like more, you’ll install mods, granted the sport supports any. you’ll get a special experience over the bottom game with added elements and even new game mechanics sometimes. you’ll usually find open world games with the foremost number of creative mods that are sometimes outright insane. Nexus Mod Manager makes organizing and browsing your mods easier with the ability to uninstall them right from the tool.


In this age and time, almost every gaming publisher have their own clients. These clients list down all of your purchased games and you’ve got to use an equivalent client to launch them. However, if you’re a fanatical gamer, you would possibly have purchased games from several studios and may need many purchasers or launchers installed on your system. Playnite combines your libraries from all platforms to one place. this enables you to browse all of your games across different studios and marketplaces from one location and even launch them directly.


Even though you would possibly be primarily using your keyboard and mouse to play all the games on your PC, some games are better played with a controller. Xbox 360 and Xbox ONE controller are officially supported on a Windows PC so you won’t have any compatibility issues. However, if you to have a PS4 then you can’t just attach the controllers and play the games. you’ll got to install DS4Windows so as to line it up to figure with Windows. you’ll switch between pre-defined profiles and you’ll also find some dedicated ones for few games.
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